Jardine RT-FOUR just installed

Hey Guys I just put this full system on, I had stock system with HRC tip

this seems quieter at low rpm and a noticable differace from bottom on up. maybe I get a little bogg

anyway I have a elderbrock carb would I make any changes to it other then adjust the pump scew to adress the bogg?



Looks nice, you think it flows as-well, or better then the HRC tip? Is it a legal spark arrester?

If your going to sell the hrc tip, I would be interested.

the header is so much fatter then stock , there is no comparsion

feels like its free flowing, look at the size of the end cap the exhaust is that way clean thur

yes it has a screen

I holding onto my stock pipe and tips right now

is there a stop on the eldeborck pump screw?

Almost makes you want to leave the heat shield off just so you can show it all. Very nice.

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