XL600 vs XR600 CDI unit

Greetings all. I'm currently restoring an '86 XL600R, and have run into a few snags. The previous owner cut all of the wiring out of the bike - even the harness. But I've bought just about every part to put the bike back to stock. There are still a few gremlins. While the XL wiring harness has a six-wire single plug CDI connector, my bike came with a two-plug (two and four wire) CDI from an XR600. My question: is there some electrical/timing advantage to the XR600 CDI that should make me consider hacking up this pristine wiring harness, or are they the exact same unit with two different receptacles?

Here's a link to my full rebuild.


I'm at the point now where I've got the wiring problems all figured out. I just need to know if that XR CDI was put in there for a performance reason, or just because the entire bike is a hacked up mess. Also, does anyone have a burned up old CDI - with the six-plug connector still intact? I sure could use it.

Anyone with help?

your message is old but i actually am having cdi problems now and my xl600 has the 2 prong and 4 prong wire connectors attaching to the cdi....so thats not the stock one? its was running fine on it

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