She's Givin' Me Good Vibrations.

Sorry. I love the Beach Boys. Their greatest hits was one of the first c.d.'s I bought. Anywho....

Okay, so she's actually giving me bad vibrations. When I shift into a gear, really any gear, at low rpm's i get a heavy vibration, which I think is in the motor, which starts to shake the lower part of the bike. It continues as I increase acceleration. Once I get into the higher rpm's, I let off the gas for a second then get back on the throttle and the vibration/shaking/annoyance goes away.

It's an '06 WR450F with the "free mods" done. It's only got about 160 miles on it. I broke it in according to the manual. And I have been doing the oil changes per the manual's recomendations. 3 things I haven't done that I know should be done are grease the joints mentioned in the FAQ sticky thread. I also haven't re-jetted. I was also wondering if I may need to check my valve clearances.

What do you guys think? Is it possible any of those 3 fairly simple things is the culprit? Hopefully you can decipher my ramblings and offer some help. Thanks.:)

Check your motor mounts and make sure they are tight.

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