Wr450 Went Snorkling!!!

I did it this time. While Driving through a river, to get to the other side, of course. My bike found a deep hole unexpectently!! I didn't have time to shut it off, so off course she sucked up a whole lot of water and stalled.

After getting bike out of water we tipped her up to get as much water out as possible., removed air filter cover, and of course a whole lot of water came out there as well.

Now here's the problem, the bike was seized, I couldn't even kick start it.

But after about 45 min, it started kicking over, then started , idling only. Then I drained the float bowl, then it ran great again.

The question is, after I change the oil and filter, should I do anything else to it:bonk: :)


Warm it up and then change the oil again until it comes out clear and not milky, showing that all the water is out of there.

Probably after the 45 mins of sitting time the water on top of the piston made it's way down into the crankcase and "unlocked" the seized piston. If it happens again it is best to do the steps that you did , but add in taking the tank off and the plug out, turn the bike upside down and put it in a gear and spin the water out of the cylinder. This will lessen the chances of damage from trying to kick it over and also less water will get into the bottom end of the motor and tranny. My .02 -- WR Dave.


Thanks for the advice!!!!!

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