Electrical Question

There isn't a general maintenance/tech forum so I'll just throw a question here. What kind of electrical connector do you use when you need to connect three wires? I'm trying to finish some wiring for my new headlight and taillight and I haven't found anything that really looks robust enough for off-road use.


the best thing to do is solder and shrink tube. this way it wont loose conection or get high in resistance over time due to offroading.

I'm not a big fan of soldering wires together because then you can't take it a part when you need to repair/replace something. Any other ideas?


I would use weather proof connector like this on ebay:


I would use weather proof connector like this on ebay:


that is sweet! did you search connectors?

I'm with Martinfan. If you solder it correctly it is only a small spot that can easily be cut out and replaced if need be. Any type of connector (even weather resistant) is prone to failure. I wouldn't want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere when that "what if" happens...

Just a humble opinion!

Me Too:thumbsup: I replaced all the connections on my Baja Designs kit to solder and shrink tube, it's not hard to clip a wire and solder it back, and it will never come loose or corode

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