YZ426F duel sport vs. DRZ400 S

Hello team blue, I am hoping to get your opinions on a potential trade I might make happen very soon. I am growing a little tired of the weight of my '02 DRZ S model. It's great on the street, but it's tiresome in the woods. I have been offered a '00 yz426 that has been plated in CA and extras include a baja kit, WR transmission, Q pipe ect. I ride about 70% woods 30% street and wonder how the blue bike would perform. I know it would do well in the dirt but how much better is it than a moded drz? How will it do on the street? Could there be problems in the future with the CA plate? And of course, will I miss my electric start so bad that I regret making the trade? Is it possible to upgrade the yz to electric start? ect, ect. ect.?

Thanks in advance for your input

The weight and urgos of the 426 I think will be more to your liking but the starting will take a little getting use to, yes you will miss your electric start and a conversion will be exspensive. Keep in mind the performance of these two bikes are going to be radically different in susp, handeling, power, and starting. If you want to ride hard and agressive the yz will probably feel better but if you want a more comfortable ride and can deal with a little extra weight stay with the drz.

Have some of you guys on the blue side owned a DRZ? Or at least ridden similar bikes.

I have ridden a DRZ. Was I impressed? No. The bike feels, rides, and looks like a tank compared to my YZ.

Have some of you guys on the blue side owned a DRZ? Or at least ridden similar bikes.

Yes, but the point I was trying to make is you are basically comparing a trail bike to a mx bike. If you were comparing a wr to the drz it would be a little bit closer in performance and the differences between the two wouldn't be as great. In my opinion the drz is more compared to an xr than say a wr or crf-x. The weights may be close but where they carry the weight is different as well as the suspension comparisons and that all effects the way the bike feels especially in tighter trails. I would love to own a drz for jeep/quad trails but for tight single track its just to much weight for me to throw around. Ive also ridden the 426 several times and though it was easier to throw around in the tighter stuff it would stall very easily compared to the drz and had alot more hit off idle than the drz which I didn't like. IMO even the newer 450's are easier to ride than the older 426's. If you want a lighter better of both worlds kinda of bike that can still be street ridden then try looking at the wr line or maybe the ktm's. Both will have more of a mx feel with plush suspension the magic button and all the other goodies that make a good offroad bike.:)

Thanks for the input. The WR sounds great but finding an '03 or newer with a plate in CA in gonna be real tough. Also, this guy is offering $500 on top of the 426. Seems like no matter how I look at it, the yz is just not going to be acceptable on the street, with or without the magic button.

Does anybody out there have one plated?

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