Exhaust gaskets

I ordered some new exhaust gaskets from Honda to mount up an aftermarket header. The parts are simply cooper rings that fit between the header and the hole in the cylinder head where the exhaust comes out. When I removed my stock header I noticed that the original gaskets were flattened very thinly and would be impossible to remove. My question is should I put another gasket on top of the flattened ones or should I just mount up the header without the new gaskets?

I would use a pick tool and pull the old ones out. By overlaying them your creating extra sealing surfaces. U would never do this with a headgasket or sidecover gasket so why try with exhaust gaskets. Just my thoughts on the subject though!!!!!!

I tried picking at them. I'll try some more I guess. This is a 8 year old bike they might not come off. I'm also afraid to get metal in the cylinder.

I use snap-on tools all day long and they make a high quality pick tool. Not the little ones in a set, but lrg pick tool that doubles as a radiator hose tool. It is a short curved hook that is thick and strong. The right tool for the right job. Hope this helps and gives u an excuse to buy a new tool.:)

Pick them out. They are designed to flatten when you tighten them. I've reused them with no problems on an XL600 though.

Get a better pick. Also, try and clean the flange area out before installing the new gaskets. Be careful not to gouge the aluminum flange area with the pick.

Last - When installing the new pipe, try to center it in the exhaust port/flange area when snugging the header bolts. This will help align the exhaust port on the head with the pipe for better flow and decrease the chances of exhaust leaks. I took my radiators off when I swapped the headers.

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