Clutch Actuation Problem

I have a problem where in my clutch cable cannot be adjusted any further.

At the clutch cable, there is no adjustment left with the adjuster as it is all the way out. Likewise, it is the same way at the engine mount location.

Do you think this is s stretched clutch cable? Possibly the wrong cable for the bike?

I have had problems getting the bike into neutral while idling. You can't get it into "N" unless you turn the motor off. Also, the bike will creep if you sit with it idling in gear while holding the clutch.

Should I just spring for a new cable, or do you think something mechanical may be wrong with the clutch assembly inside the motor?

Sounds like it's time for a new clutch(creeping and no adjustment), I usually replace the cable at the same time.

Sounds like it's time for a new clutch(creeping and no adjustment), I usually replace the cable at the same time.

My thoughts as well. As a check, you can replace the cable first and see what happens. After that point, pull the clutch and check the tolerances (plates, hub, springs, etc.) to confirm any worn parts.

Let us know what you find...

Does it slip when you are riding it? Ride a gear high and hit the throttle. If the engine revs without the usual pick up, it pretty much confirms the clutch. Cables are cheaper than clutches. Replace that first. Or, take a known good one off of the same bike and try it out.

try a cable first, sounds like it wont fully disengage. clutch plates can also cause this if they are sticking or warped possibly. if you have no more adjustment, that should be a cable that is stretched.

Sounds to me like its time for a new clutch and cable setup. Let us know what you find...

Ordered the cable and it should be here next week. Ordered it from E-bay so that is why it will take a few days. Once installed, I will post back to let you guys know how it goes.

If it does not fix the problem, I will pull the clutch cover and have a look to see what is going on in there. The bike has not been slipping while riding. This I hope is a good sign that it is just the cable. I don't mind having to replace the clutch, what I fear is ordering the clutch, and then pulling the cover only to find there is another piece that I need. I usually ride every weekend and don't want the bike to be down. My practice up to this point is to do all of my preventative maintenance BEFORE problems arise. I order parts one week, then install them the next when they arrive.

I am taking a camera with me on my next ride and will post a link.

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