White Brothes XCR Slip On

So i was thinking about getting a Whit Bros XCR Slip on. Does anyone run this silencer? Noticible power gains? Noise? Its either this or a full pro circuit Ti-4 system, but id like to have some money to do my suspension.

A friend of mine showed up at the track with one on his YZ250F last weekend. It sounded good, but appeared to be cheaply built.

I just got mine for my 07 wr450 quality is solid sound s good but I havent had it to the dirt yet but my expectations are high

I have one and dont like it. The entire spark arrestor assembly fell out of the pipe the first race I used it. I didnt realize it until after the race. It was an 80 mile desert race so who knows where the parts are. Bike made better power with it missing though. Local dealer called WB to get parts and was told they don't have an extra to send out.

If you have one make sure you check the set screw on the bottom that holds the entire tip and spark arrestor on before riding. Looks like it backed its way out the then the tip and all fell out.

Im back to running stock pipe until I decide what new pipe to get. Once I get parts Im going to sell the WB.

Other thing I didnt like is its way to long. At least an inch longer than stock.

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