Previous models vs. the 2007

I've been looking around for a WR450f

The cheapest I've found an 07' for on the internet is around 6150 In TN.

I found a 06' leftover in MS, at the TN line for 5100.

I've been telling myself that I want the 07' for the Aluminum frame, but is the 1000+ really worth it for the 07?

I've thought about buying used. But havent really looked around for one, I'm going to pick up a cycle trader tomorrow to browse and see what they have.

Any advice??

Got mine for $6400.00 otd in AZ. Look at the frames man! The '07 in indestructable! Good luck.

there are more then just the frames updated, but saying this, I do love my 06, and if the thousand dollars is a factor, go for the 06, lots of proven mods out there and parts to make it work well for you......

Its not that the 1k is a factor.

Is the 07' really all that much better than the 06'?

I don't know if its any better but I read every test/article about the 05's before I bought mine and it was "unbelievable". Now they say the same thing about the 07. It reminds me of the ATV test I read sometimes. Whatever is new is the shit no matter what. For example: they ran the new LTR450 against a completely aftermarket 310cc powervalve Honda 250R. The Suzuki might have got to 40hp and the 310 should have been 60+ and I know it handled better because I had the same bike with a 265 cylinder. In the end the aftermarket Honda wasn't even in the same catagory as the LTR. I couldn't believe they would even say that. DirtRider is the same as DirtWheels it just has bike instead of ATV's. To me the 07 sets different but not any better or worse than my 05 but it feels a lot different when you grab the bars and put you feet on the pegs and standing beside it, it feels lighter in the bars. I haven't ridden one but just sitting on it, I like my 05 better. Its for sale by the way.

Hands down the 07 is a better bike. The handling is is much better and worth the 1K

Hands down the 07 is a better bike. The handling is is much better and worth the 1K

I agree, my 07' is my 4th WR and hands down the handling of the bike is soooooo much better than the steel framed bikes I do not regret it at all and paid $7300 + tax:eek:

I own both '06 and '07 WR450F. They are as different as chalk and cheese. Not just visually but in terms of power, handling and overall feel. The '07 is sooooo much better. Mind you it takes a bit of getting used to after the '06. the '07 is way better. A mate of mine has the '06 YZ450 which is awesome.

In simple terms, Yamaha took the '06 YZ and put lights and electric start to produce the '07 WR.

Both model year bikes are superb. You will need to uncork both and whatever you decide, you will not be disappointed with either, but the '07 takes it to another level and is worth the extra 1k. Think about it, if you can, just get the '07 otherwise you will always be kicking yourself for not having cutting edge technology.

One last point- the '07 is so good you ride further and harder and yet end up less tired than on the '06.

Its a no brainer!

The frame differences aside, the biggest thing I've seen is the '07 engine has a much smoother power delivery than previous models, as did the '05 over the '03/04. This has been born out in the magazine tests as well. For my tastes, I don't like that. I want a bike that hits hard when I twist the throttle. If that is truly the case with the '07, I'd get the '06...SC

Can you still swap to the YZ Exhaust cam like on the previous years to get the harder hit? Also, does anyone know if you can use the 04 YZ cam in the 07 WR?

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