Exhaust Gasket

I just purchased a new set on XRs only headers and bought an older XRs only Pipe to complete a full system. It sure looks like there should be a gasket between the header and the pipe. Is this the case or is it a slip on fit on the header?

My T4 slips together and I've seen some guys use high heat silicone to seal the joint.

I have the XRs only full system and there was no gasket for the joint. It slipped together very tight.

Mine too....just a tight slip joint...

I used High-Temp RTV silicone on my headers/pipes. Smear it on the inside of the bigger pipe.

My pipe must be the older generation or something. It has a clamp on it and there is about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch gap where it connects to the header. I have a gasket on order.

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