Bearings (sealed)

Anyone know where to get the best sealed wheel bearings at? THANX! in advance ~Hitman~

Whenever I put in new bearings anywhere on the bike I always "carefully" pry the seals off of both sides of the bearing and fill them with a good synthetic grease. Then push the seals back into the bearing. (Use a fine pick to pry up the seals) Bearings usually have a shocking lack of factory grease.

Be carefull about adding new grease. Too much grease and you get a process known as "churning" in the lube and it starts to break down the grease. Mark

Has anyone tried Pivot Works bearings? Looks like $55 for both front and rear Wheel bearings and seals. Does'nt sound to bad, anyone try them? Any feedback would be helpful, THANX! :) ~Hitman~

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I just got sealed SKF brgs for my front wheel and they were 40$ each. The brg house thought they were for a bicycle, being an odd-ball size and all. I would not use chinese brgs after replacing all the stock ktm brgs in my ktm with skf after they barfed after 6mos...

why in the world would you spend 120 bucks on bearings. when you could spend less. Unless you have money to burn.


I got scared looking in those prices.

Over here one european made SKF sealed bearing is $7. I guess you goverment put good taxes on european goods...

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