07 450 Jetting and R&D Float Bowl

Ok I am getting a 07 450 this week and wish to get the jetting nailed.

It seems a 48 pilot and 170 main are the hot tickets. any suggestion on the needle?

it is 1000ft and about 80 degrees with a high humidity.

anyone try the R&D float bowl? if so, what did the changes feel like?

thanks in advance

I think 170 main is too rich for 80 degrees.

For the cost of the R&D float bowl I would rather send my carb to Zip-Ty and get everything done right the first time.

The R&D bowl won't accomplish anything special on an '07 that I can see unless you really believe that baffling is that important.

Have the Zip-Ty mod done for half the money.

I 3rd the ZipTy recommendation...as I have done on both my bikes and it is well worth $100.00...see no added benefit to the R&D for your 07.....However - I do see benefit of R&D for my 03 470....as it has no leakjet....

My 2cents, the 170 is too rich for your climate - try the 165 or 168...play with 45 and 48 pj...leave needle stock on 3rd or 4th clip

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