Hey guys,

I have a similar post over in the thumpette forum, but I wanted a slightly different opinion over here. My husband wants me to get a rekluse on my 150 RB (he thinks that will make it the most perfect bike there is for me) and I wanted to get some ride reviews from those of you that have it.

I believe the Rekluse was just released a few days ago .... mine has been on backorder since mid-April. So I doubt anybody will have one installed yet.

Having said that, if mine arrives this week, I'll have it on my wife's bike by the end of the week and will report back.

PS I use one on my 450X and would never go back to a regular clutch again. If your a trails rider, you will love it. If you are an "old school" motocross person, you might not because if you've been clutching for 20 years, to make the transition is not very easy. Some people don't like change .. even if change is good.

I got an email from then monday saying that they were behind schedule, and expect orders to start shipping on the 30th for the 150r. The Wife is anxiously waiting.

I got a call from the distributor and mine in supposed to be delivered today (FINALLY!!). Had it backordered since early April.

I plan on installing it Friday with the first scheduled ride on Sunday.

Will report back then how my wife likes it.

Well had it installed today. Only problem is my wife won't get a chance to ride it until Sunday (I'll report back then).

Took it for a quick spin and it feels good. Still a VERY SNAPPY bike, but if your having issues with stalling, this will definitely help you. The clutch has NO FEEL when the bike is off, but once its running, it feels pretty much like stock (maybe a little easier to pull still).

I have the z-start on my CRF450X and now I want the z-start PRO.

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