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food for thought

what's with the boo birds for Ricky?-if your a big McGrath fan your gonna have to get over it. And if it's because of goin around Travis, i didn't notice anyone gettin all upset when Travis bumps Larocca last year in the middle of a triple.

or for that matter-Brown takes Ernie into the bales every chance he gets and he's a "gladiator" according the the renthal adds, but Roncada moves over on McGrath and Bailey acts like it's the end of the world. Travis needs to remember- if you want to finish first- first you have to finish

Well omar i was siting rite over that turn . A block pass is one thing or protecting you're line is one thing but i was siting rite there and if you need to take some one out like that then you're [ ricky ]not as good as i thought . Thats not what a pro i supost to haft to do . If he was realy as good as we thought then he could ride clean and win . There going to bump, but my friend that was not just a bump , it was delevert .

saw the coverage on ABC this afternoon and have to agree. a classic t-bone-maybe Brown is rubbin off on him? another thing i notice about ricky which strikes me as odd, is how he thanks everyone but Chaddy. When was the last time one of his bikes didn't finish. you'd think if he can thank his trainer all of the time, he could say a little about his wrench. kind of curious is all.

I watched it on the t v also to se it from diferent angels just to see if i was the one that was wrong . After i saw it from a few difrent angels i aim more convinced that that it was dirty . We dont need that **** , the sport is just starting to get the air time that it should be getting [ it makes us look bad and we don't need that ] I aim suprised that the anownsers dident pick up on the bo's because you know they herd it [ so did ricky ] . He just isn't the class act i thought he was

To All,

I was there also, but on the other side of the dome. And YES... I was giving Ricky a hard time that night and the kids had a rope with his name on it.. for taking out there HERO. But.....after watching it on TV I saw Travis miss the inside line and try to recover only to find Rickey looking for the same turf. It was a great battle and I would love to have seen a clean finish, but I hope if Ricky could of stopped, He would have. Just my 2 cents. What a great night !!!!!!!! :)


he did stop then pushed him over . i just think it's kinda funny that in all the other heat's [ECT] with all the bikes riding that line [ and they all were , all day ] no one els had to push any one over / out of the way . you think what ever you want as for me i think it was a dirty move

I was over by whoops but watched it over and over on Tivo. Travis tried a block pass to the inside. That will never work. He had almost lost it before Ricky hit him. I'm a huge Travis fan but he screwed up.

Ricky would have had a legitimate beef if Travis had knocked him down. Travis doesn't have one.

I have never been much of a Ricky fan, but he does ride fast and no one deserved that booing.


Maybe we were watching different races - dunno. Ask yourself this, how could the little Gremlin t-bone someone going in the same direction he is?

Travis spun around on that turn and jumped straight into Ricky's path. Ricky didn't nail him. He pulled up to a stop and bumped him over.

Travis was almost able to save it.

My 2 cents. YMMV

I'm not bias towards either rider because I like both of them but you have to remember, that this is racing.

As fast as those guys are going and making split second decisions I think it would have been hard for Ricky to totally aviod Travis. After all Travis was taking the outside line and then cut back inside. Ricky was just holding his line.

Plus, its not like Ricky has a history of pulling moves like the french riders.

To me it looks like Ricky has the line in this picture:


And yes, Vullimens move on Ricky was clean too.

Da*n :)

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