08 Yz450

If grant Langston wins I will buy a 2008 yz450 next week..
Our you going with Blue or White?

LOL. Yeah, which colour did you order?:thumbsup:

Well guys we did something interesting with my buddy's new 08 yz 450 saturday at the track. As you all know, a lot of people have been complaining (including myself) that it has now low-end. It sure feels that way. Well there was him, me on my 06 crf 450, my cousin on is 07 crf 450, and this other guy on an 05 rmz 450. We all took turns running hole shots against the yz 450. We would ride our own bikes a couple of hole shots, and then we would switch bikes and do a couple more. The track we ride on is loose soil, mixed with manuer and sawdust. We were totally surprised because 80% of the time, who ever was on the yz 450, would win the hole shot! We couldn't believe it. I'm still stunned. ALL BIKES ARE STOCK. We then figured it was winning because of the "tractable" low end power. It doesn't just take off spinning out of control. The rear wheel takes off spinning less and tracking better. We then went to the hard dirt off the track and did the some take offs and who ever was on the yz still won most of the time. I wouldn't say 80% of the time but more like 65 to 70% of the time. This last saturday was an absolute eye opener for me. It seems like if people can just get used of the YZ's slow roll on power they will realize that they are actually going faster. Everyone always wants more power, including me, but now I'm wondering myself if I've got the concept all backwards. The one thing the YZ does do well is hit really hard from the upper mid rpm range to the top. But it sure does feel mellow down low, but I guess it must work, we couldn't believe it on saturday.

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