What kind of ride is it from Moab to Lake Powell?

My brother in law and I are making our annual Memorial Weekend Trip to Moab and this time we are taking our street bikes also. Our plan is to spend one day either riding to Telluride CO or going down to Lake Powell.

Would those familiar with Utah south of Moab give me some details on the trip to Lake Powell? How long is the trip from Moab? Would it be a nice motorcycle ride with twisty roads and scenic views or more of a straight shot on the highway? Once we get there, what is there to do besides put our toes in the water.

Thanks for the info, Doug


You can get to Halls Crossing Marina from Moab in about 4 hours. Page, Arizona is another big marina on Powell, albeit a bit further. I did the drive from Moab to Page last summer (on my way to a bachelor party in Vegas) and it is pretty awesome. You go through the Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley which, even if you have never been there, you'll think you have from the countless movie scenes shot there.

You can rent a ski boat at either marina and spend a night or two out on the lake. Combine that with dirtbiking in Moab, and you'll think you died and went to heaven.

Of course, Telluride is amazing too (I used to live there, so I'm fairly partial to it.)

Damn, I just might have to join you :)


Hey Dougie, if you wanted to go the other route and end up at Bullfrog Marina (across the lake to the north from Halls)there is great off-road terrain all the way. You have Dubinky and Ten Mile Wash around Greenriver, the San Rafael Swell all the way to Hanksville (including Swingarm City!)and then Henry's Mountain which stretches all the way to the lake. All of these are awesome riding but the pavement might get a little boring with most of it being straight and relatively flat. The time is approx. 3.5-4 hours from Moab.

Personally, I'd like to explore an all off-road route starting at Greenriver (since you'd have to cross it somewhere) and ending at Bullfrog.

Good Luck, Chris.

Heh guys...

What's the ride like from Moab to Telluride? Sounds very interesting...if most of it isnt like the start of the kokapelli trail (excluding rabbit valley of course)...


I'm actually talking street bike ride from Moab to Telluride. I'm not aware of any dirt trails from Moab to Telluride but I bet it can be done somehow.

I have actually ridden dirtbikes from Ouray into Telluride and back over the Imogene Pass. There is some great riding down there on Black Bear, Cinnamon, Engineer and Amasa Forks (? on the name of that last one) passes. If you ever get a weekend later in the summer, you should try it out.


Already done that...fantastic rides as far as scenery is concerned! It's a 2 day a year stop for me now every July 4th week...before heading to Crested Butte...


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