87 XR600 countershaft plug

Is there or is there Not supposed to be a frost plug in the end of the countershaft on the right side of my 87 xr600 mine is missing and the service manual shows a picture of one. My local Honda dealer said he can't see one on the parts diagram.I'm concerned because I'm dealing with oil pressure issues as well.

I am not sure what you are talking about by "frost plug". I just finished rebuilding my '87 xr600r (FYI it is not running yet as I am chasing electrical problems). On the right side of the case there is an internal oil seal. The counter shaft goes through the seal into the clutch area of the case. This may not be the info you need, but if you describe the frost plug to me I may be able to help more.

Im currently stripping a spare XBR500 engine (same RFVC type as the XR/XRL etc) so will check it out and take a pic

I have four gearboxes from XBR500s right upto XR650L (NX650). All are plugged like this......



This is tickling a long-lost memory that there is supposed to be one.

Try looking at XR600R/XR650L/NX650 countershafts on Ebay.

You may be able to find this topic on 4strokes, or the yahoo xrlug group.


Thats it! you have just made my day! somewhere along the line that must have fallen out and the previous owner put it back together without it. That could explain my oil pressure problems getting to the overhead. The parts books don't show that, I wonder if it's because it's listed as part of the shaft. I'll make one for it and see what happens.

Here is how I found out about it. There is a guy on ebay selling aftermarket countershafts. I got one and started to put my bike together with it. It had machining issues and did not fit right. Of course I didn't find out until I put it together. That's when I noticed it. There was no plug in the end of the shaft. I ended up using my old shaft which still has a little life left. I gave the ebay seller a piece of my mind. He is still selling the same part, but he does not mention the lack of the plug. I'm sure this has resulted in at least 100 engines meeting an early end. Perhaps you have one of these shafts.

I was replacing it because the splinies under the countershaft sprocket were starting to wear. I'll be getting a real Honda one when it's time.

There is no seperate part number for the plug. It is part of the shaft if you get a Honda one. Is is just a "freeze plug," but it is a very small one. I have looked for one to put in there with no success.

The aftermarket shaft could be the case here, I don't know. I bought this bike as kind of a basket case, it had completely starved of oil on the top end and fried the cam and rockers so as I was puttting it back together I was looking for all possible reasons for the failure and now that I've got it up and running I'm super concerned as to how much oil my cam is getting.I've also been talking with XRs only they have been very helpfull as well. I am greatfull to all of you who responded on THIS site. Man you guys are great.I will be visiting TT site alot and hopefully be able to return the favors and help out other people.

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