Valve Clearance

I'm Checking and adjusting The Valve Clearance in my 06' YZ450, and it's the first time I've ever done it myself. All the other times I've just let the shop do it, but wanted to learn myself. Anyway....On the Exhaust valves the biggest feeler gauge I got in them was a .203 but it was really tight in one of them. I was wondering if it meant that one particular valve was tight or not? And on the Intake the Biggest feeler gauge I got in them was a .127, .152, .127 (respectively). The one with .152 had some resistance but not so bad that you had to force it (Not near as much as the exhaust valve I was wondering about). Do I need to shim either one of them? Any Help is greatly appreciated.

The intakes are fine. Will a .19mm gauge drag under the tighter exhaust valve? If so, shim it.

I don't have a .19mm feeler, but combined a .152 and .038 which should come out to a .190. As long as you keep pressure on the gauges (just to keep them together) there is no resistance. only time I get any resistance on it is when you can't keep them pressed together.

In that case, I'd call it good. If there's no drag on a .007" (.1778mm) gauge, and the .008 (your .203mm) goes, I pass it. If you're uncomfortable with it, you could cut the shim size down one size.

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