Possible Oil in the Water ??

I just recently purchased a used 1998 WR400 in fair to good condition. As I would do with any used bike/car I proceeded to change all the fluids (oil, water, etc ..) so I would know when they were last serviced. When I drained the radiator I noticed metallic glittering like stuff in with the coolant, I thoroughly flushed the system and added a new 50/50 mix to the system and also changed oil/filter. After starting the bike and riding for about ten minutes I stopped to check the oil level and the dipstick had a real bubbly almost foamy look to the oil, which leads me to think that somehow coolant is being introduced into the oil system. Any suggestions, or experience with this problem would be appreciated. :)bigdogmoto@att.net

Does the oil look like a chocolate milkshake?

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It doesn't have that milkshake appearance, instead it just had a lot of air bubbles in it, not really foamy but with lots of air in the oil. I just went out and pulled the frame drain plug as water usually settles at the bottom and let some oil out, I couln't see any signs of water and the oil is not full of air bubbles now that the engine has cooled. Still does bother me though that when I checked the oil after running the motor that the oil on the dipstick was seriously aerated. Has anyone else ever seen this ?? Am I just having a knee jerk reaction to a little air in the oil (although I have never seen anything like it before). I am using Motul 3100 Synthetic 10W40.


If you have too much oil in the system that could cause the oil to froth up. check your oil level with the dipstick not screwed in.

Take some of the oil that is in your bike. (drops) Drop it onto an extremely hot surface, such as an exhaust header or something equally hot. If it snap, crackles, and pops, then you have trace amounts of water in the oil. It is the water in the oil which causes the crackling.

Hope this helps.

Now that you mention it, when I did check the oil (dipstick not screwed in), and had the aerated oil, the level was about 1/8" above the high mark on the stick. I have drained about 4 ounces out of the frame reservoir but cannot run the bike right now as it is too late and the neighbors would not be real happy about the noise. I will check tomorrow with the corrected oil level and see if my problem clears up.

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