Decibal Daug Info

Hey guys, I got my insert and installed it tonight on my YZ muffler, way quieter at idle and down low, but still loud on high rev, but not as loud as it use to be. It was a nice blue anodized but it turned almost pink after a few minutes of riding, the manual states the color is for sizing only and will turn. Here are some pics and some info.

What I done was check my top speed in a marked distance (about 1/8 mile) from one intersection to another with stock muffler and pmb insert and second baffle removed, spark arrester also removed and i hit 140km/h on gps, then put on the open yz muffler and i hit 142 km/h, then put the insert in the yz muffler and ran again and i hit 140 again about the same as the stocker done. I know this probabaly don't mean alot but i did notice the engine seemed to surge more with the yz muffler on the bike then the stocker also.

Oh, i almost forgot, the new daug tip was so close to the signal light it started to discolor and melt it, I then made up a bracket and dropped the rear mount on the muffler one inch which gave me back lots of clearance :)


I have the same set up as you. Mind didnt turn yet. But I didnt hammer on my bike as hard as you did.What I am not happy about it the outer dia of the db Dawg is larger than the out pipe of the Yz exhaust, I was looking to get a piece of aluminum pipe with a 2 1/4 outer dia and slide it over the YZ pipe to match up the 2. If that makes sense.

I also found it a pain in the ass to tighten the 2 allen screws. I am going to come up with something different on mine. Maybe screws from the outside? Did yours loosen? They warn you about it in the instructions.Mine stayed tight.

It does take the bark out of the exhaust and it only cost 30 dollars with a simple design. How can you go wrong? If everyone had one of these in the end of their pipes we would have a lot less noise issues.They wouldnt all go away, but less.Do your test run in MPH so I can understand

With your pipe lowered, make sure your caliper doesnt hit the bottom of the silencer when you bottom hard.I dont know what kind of clearance you these bikes have with the monster silencers, but it cant be much. My turn signals are in a different spot.

How does this work? Is it a restrictor? I did a quick search and there wasn't too much info on it.

it works by reducing the inside diameter of the pipe and it has a small deflector inside about 2" in that redirects the sound around a bit to make it quieter, mine never came loose yet but i will keep trying it after a few warm up and cool down cycles. the speed at 140km/h is about 86 mph i beleive.

I too was not impressed on the look of the huge outside diameter, would look better on the new 07 yz type muffler forsure or the origonal wr type one.

not sure if you could use it on the 07 type pipe. The silencer is tucked in behind a cone-like tip cover. That's the pic of my original pipe.


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