Clutch cover wanted

Anyone have a stock clutch cover they wantto sell? I just put a hole in mine. :)


If you don't find one, BRP makes a nice billet aluminum clutch cover that you can't put a hole through. I can't remember the price but it is under $100.

Can Magnesium be welded? If only the damn thing was aluminum.

Ever heard of Magnesium flares? :)


Didn't think so. One could hope though. :)

Does anyone know who sells aluminum clutch covers besides BRP.


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BRP doesn't show it on their website for some reason but if you call them they are very helpful. I bought something from them once and the customer service was terrific. Actually, the last time I was at my local Honda dealer they had one of the aluminum BRP YZF clutch covers in the display case. If you want to call that dealer the number is 714-771-9777 they may want to get rid of it if it's still there in the case.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I did not want to pay $100 for a fragile Mag cover plate that I cannot patch back together.

I hope they still have it. If not I will call BRP. :)



Why do you think you can't weld mag?

Yes I have seen it burn, but a good tig guy can handle mag.

You can weld aluminum to mag as well.

Well, I wasn't sure. My buddy doesn't know how to do Magnesium but Aluminum is easy for him and a free fix for me. :)

I'll keep my old cover as a backup and see how much it costs to get patched.


When I worked at Kosman we would widen wheels.

We would put aluminum lips on magnesium cores.

You can weld mag to aluminum and versa visa.

There was atrick to it but I forgot what it was...

Maybe a welder will show up and set us strait...

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