ugh... my kickstarter it fell off sort off

after a comignout fo dinner i went to kickstart the xr650r noticed it was loose, what the hell..?

it fell off when i went to inspect further. I put it back in the spindle and turned her over, put the kick start back in my pocket and got home.. now i have no idea what to do.

What part do i need ? what bolt vibrated loose?

I looked at and came up with


,A 175299-001 for $4.93

Is this all i need? ( and soem loctite obviously)

or can i just go to the hardware store and buy a new screw and washer??

You should be able to buy one at a hardware store. Take the kickstart with you to test fit. Make sure you buy a good quality (grade 5 or grade 8 equivilent) METRIC bolt, and use loctite when you put it together. Its another one of those bolte you should check now and then on a 650R.

Happened to my R during Daytona Bike Week a few years back, except mine is still laying on some street down there. Safe to say no Fla dealer stocked a kicker for a 650R. Special-order: $112.

As I recall, that bolt is a weird shape, might be better to get a factory replacement bolt. My two cents.

In any case make sure you locktite it when you install it and torque to spec. Then finger-check at every fillup, just to be sure.

Mine's never loosened since, but 112 bucks is 112 bucks. Even worse is the embarrasment of bump-starting a 650R in front of the Krispy Kreame on Intl Speedway...

XR650R's have a collection of bolts that need to be checked regularly according to Honda and several other sources. The kickstart bolt is one of them. You should check it regularly. The other bolts are the right peg bolt and the rear fender bolts. I've had the rear fender bolts loosen but fortunately none of the others. Your lucky, I've heard of people loosing them while they were out on the trail.:)

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