Real Braggin Rights!!

I did this on PM and it was pretty fun, lots of people responded So I'm putting it out here cause there are more ladies! Sorry in advance, my threads are not about bike parts and blah blah but my bf, Dennis Hotson, is my forum of information, he can do anything to a bike and we are set in our ways with the ones we threads are also long, sorry again!

ANYHOW I know there are some moms, dads, aunts, uncles. brothers, sisters, and grandparents that have ROCKSTARS (kids, hubbies, girlfriends?)in their life they are so PROUD of!! Well hell lets see them! And Brag all you want!!! :):ride::bonk:

Here are my two..Ian is into BMX, finishing his MX bike soon, but he is into Rally as well, hope to get his co-driver license at 14..we'll see!





Ian and his Uncle Kenny



And here is my Super Ultra Fast Hippie Loverboy Pro Racer/Co-Drivin Hunk of Burning Race Gas..I mean Love!



They won production class last year in the Bad Beetle!..and Dennis got to Drive XGames2006!


Now they are Moving right up!! So Proud!



but they don't always keep it on four wheels


I wish these days could last forever...


well, that went over well didn't it?

Is Kenny really his uncle/your brother/in-law?

Have they done the Sno*Drift rally in Northern Michigan? We go there every year! Travis is the nicest guy...takes time to talk to all of us even when his competitors are huddling in their trailers trying to keep warm.


Travis signed our Nitro Circus III DVD...Jackdrinker was too speechless to say anything so I had to talk to get it done LOL


They were at SnoDrift, but went off the road, stuck for hours, I have some pretty cool pics at home, not here, it looked brutal, they now have two DNF, and don't have a chance at XGames. Kenny is on a reality show on CMT (Celebrity Bullriding) and will miss the next Rally (Ya That's what I was thinkin) and well, not exactly, not legally, but we just havn't did the deal you know? I'm not much for marriage, it freaks me the f out! Dennis and Kenny are cousins and over time, Ian has grown attached to Dennis as a Dad. But he just likes to harass 'Uncle Kenny''s funny. He told me once after Kenny had been throwing him in the pit and bruised him all up..."Mom, you know..sometimes rich people aren't fun, I'm gonna kick kenny in the nuts" So flippin funny.

Bragging rights, I don't know any rich or famous people but the St. Maries paper did an article on the Muddy Butt and said that me & my bud Brianna were the only women to EVER finish the Muddy Butt.

I have a pic of my son at age 12 (3 years ago) with RC, they were the same height then, my son's taller now!

you don't have to, your kid is the rockstar!

I only brag about myself or kids for us...well...we kinda have a kid...

On this particular day, I brought in a parts unlimited bag from the Supercross with all kinds of catalogs in it. Well, apparently he thinks if its a plastic bag, then there is food in it for him. He stuck his head in my bag and came out with about 4 catalogs...I let him keep the ProCircuit one to "read".




I think he wants a bike!!! Poor doggie doesn't have a bike to ride. :)

I think he wants a bike!!! Poor doggie doesn't have a bike to ride. :)

Yah! I got Daisy one with a basket, for her stuff, she is so fast the camera blurred


HA!!! That's a great picture! Daisy the dalmation huh? That's what my uncle named his dalmation.

i wish i had a pic of my 2 cousins rippin it up on theyre crf50!

I wish Kenny was my uncle :)

Here is my rockstar. He will be two on Saturday and I want to get him a 50 sooo bad, but alas it will be at least another year.


Here he is with his rockstar dad


^^i'm not starting mine until he is 6 or 7, so don't feel bad!

Alright, here's a few of my little herd... I just realized that I don't have very many good ones of my daughter riding but I will see if I can find some more later.

My son on the CRF50



My son on the ATC70 we used to have. (This was mine when I was little too)


My son on the CRF70


My daughter on the CRF70


And just because I love this picture... It's me in the MUD!!!!


...the desert looks so strange

...the desert looks so strange

that place was awesome... You could ride just about any terrain you wanted to out there except for trees. There were bushes though. Lots of sand, whoops, rocky areas, hill climbs, gravel... I miss it a lot. :)

I have some friends from Vegas, and they came into town to race and ride for the weekend...I was jokin how to make them feel at home we would haul in a ton of gravel to lay on the track, place a few boulders here and there, and use cactus instead of tough blocks!! He then suggested that I get the local pet store to sponsor the race so we could have snakes and lizards in every corner!! ahahah so funny, how people make their track home, no matter where they have to ride.

Here's my little man before training wheels. He wanted to sit on it so bad we finally just dug a hole with the back tire and let him "ride"


Here he is on our little circle track in the front yard we made for him.

(You can't really see the track it's self cause of all the leaves)


Here's my husband :) (one on his old YZ and one on his new RM)



^^^ Yeah for you!! I just wanted to put this here cause she is so cute..her name is Hailey


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