Bar Risers in Oz

Does anybody know were a set of bar riser adaptors, that place the bars forward and higher can be found in Australia.

New top triple clamp and mounts pretty expensive.

Are they for Standard Diameter bars, or for ProTaper style bars... I got a set to suit protapers and the standard triple clamp, that raise the bars, but don't move them forward at all. am saving for my triple clamp from the States... I know what you mean about expensive...

If you want pics, let me know, I am recharging the digital camera batteries...


[ February 10, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Need them for std bar dia, and I really need them to go forward as well

A pic would be great!

Thanks for the feedback

Here are some pics, this is just a stop gap measure until I get the correct triple clamp...



As you can see, the base fits into the standard triple clamps, and that in itself raises it 20 or 25mm... Hope that helps... If I had access to milling machines, I have a great design in mind, but just unable to make it...


Thanks David, good pics

Only one question were did you get them?

and what did they cost you?

Got the dealer to order them in... They came from the ProTaper Distributor - Steve Cramer in QLD... ot sure who might have them in NSW...

They were about $40 I think... I got a whole lot of stuff at the same time, he gave me 15% off the lot, so not sure of the exact price...



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