How To Check Shock Pressure-Rear XR600?

I have seen a few posts recently about adjusting rear shocks..

How does one verify what the current nitrogen pressure is? If it is low, how does one go about filling it up to the proper specifications? Is this something that must be done at a M/C shop?

The pressure can be checked at the schrader valve on the oil reservoir. The nitrogen bladder holds a small volume of gas under a pressure of a little over 200psi. Since the volume is very small, just checking the pressure can possibly release enough nitrogen to significantly lower the pressure. It is best left to a reliable shop to check/refill the bladder.

Is there any benefit to running more or less pressure in the bladder?

I experimented on a stock '91 XR600 that I had a few years ago. Lowest pressure 150 psi, highest 250 psi, couldn't tell the difference.

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