What radiators will fit an 02 YZ426?

Hello folks. Just bought a 2002 YZ426F and am trying to get a left side radiator for it. I've seen several on ebay and I'd like to find out what year models will fit my bike. Mine's beyond repair according to a local shop that's supposed to be very good. It doesn't leak, but it can't be cooling as well as it should. I'd appreciate any info you have. Thanks.

I know guys on here swear by Mylers, but this thing is no kidding smashed. Worse than any of the before and after shots on their web site. If I can't find a replacement advertised on ebay to fit my specific bike, I'll give them a shot. I was just curious to see if the radiator was interchangable with other Yamahas, ie. YZ 250F, or the newer 450's. Thanks for the reply.

I put radiators from a '05 450 on both sides of my '99 400, no problems (rad scoops also) so anything from 98-05 should fit for you. '06 is way different.


Anything from '00 to '02 YZ or WR 426's will be no problem. And from what ericyzf4 said, '03 to '05 450's will also work. The '98 and '99 400 rads would also fit but they were a little smaller than the 426 radiator so you likely would have some cooling issues. I would think the 250F rads from those years bolt right up as well, but again, I believe they are smaller and wouldn't keep you cool enough.

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