How much to ask for mint 02 yz426?

Hey guys i have a mint 2002 yz426...i just bought it 3 months ago when the motor was torn apart...i put a crank in it, stainless steel valves, wiseco piston, new cylinder, and new has a White Brothers pipe on it, a 450 cam, works connection on the fly clutch, stainless front brake line, frame guards, excel rims with new dunlop tires, motoxxx graphics and seat cover, tag2 bars, thing is very clean and runs awesome...its just too big for me and i dont know how much to sell it for...anyone that can help me please do...thanks...

Kelly blue book is $2895 without mods. BTW nice bike.

Keep it you will not get anywhere close to what you put into it outta it. :) Grow into it and ride it.


$3000 if you are lucky.

gimme gimme gimme:worthy:

nice bike dude!!! oh by the way... i'd give about $2700 for it

Really depends where you live? Not to mention a 6 year old dirt very old and outdated. Yamahas are now 450's and alumunim framed. They are still great great bikes but resale is not so hot. Looks and sounds like you put a lot of work into it but unfortunately you will probably take a bath on it if you sell it. I sold my 2002 last year with lots of goodies and decent shape for $2200 and i thought that was a fair price.

Blue book from a private seller is not $2895. That is what a dealer would sell it for used off the showroom floor. Kelly Blue Book trade in value is being more realistic if you ask me.

Texas market could be totally different than colorado though.

2002 Yamaha YZ426F




Trade-In Value (Good Condition) $1920 Trade-in Value is what consumers can expect to receive from a dealer for a trade-in unit assuming an accurate appraisal of condition. This value will likely be less than you would receive from a private party sale because the reselling dealer incurs the cost of safety inspections, reconditioning and other costs of doing business. Trade-in values are based on clean units in good condition, with all original standard equipment. Mileage/condition and additional equipment may have a substantial impact on the value shown above

KBB values are, in the first place a national average. Markets, which is to say, the interest local people have in a product, and the willingness to pay a given price for it will vary a lot.

It is absolutely not true that a private party should expect no more than Trade-in for their bike. That may be a local market reality, but the reason trade-in is low is because when a dealer takes a bike in trade, he needs to be able to buy for little enough that it can be sold for a profit after reconditioning costs. Otherwise, there is no practical reason that a dealer is entitled to sell a bike for any more than a private seller is.

Having said that, good luck trying to get $2800 for a 426.

my uncle just sold an 02 426 that had quite a bit of mods on it for 2800 and it took him 6 months to get that for it. so it depends if your looking to get rid of the bike sooner rather then later. also remember that summer is an of season so that will affect the price. i would say ask around 2600

well i paid $500 for the bike not running, and i bought parts from ebay and local dealer. New wiseco piston for $160, complete gasket set for $60, crankshaft for $70, cylinder head w/valves for $30 (guy thought valves were bent but valve cap was just stuck yeah i lucked out) and a cylinder for $79. So i have roughly $900 into this bike when its all said and done, so i turned out good just wondering when i sell it.

Your bike is clean and not beat up

I call mint a bike that hadnt been ridden without the paint worn away,and the plastic shiney or the clutch cover isnt scratched.

I tried for over a year to get $2500 for my very clean '01. No dice. I finally sold it for $2000 about 2 months ago.

Even as nice as it is, I'd say you would be doing very well to get $2500 for yours.

It may be a pain in the ass but these bikes are very desirable in Canada I paid 3100.00 Can for 02 which needed a tire a silencer new plastics,and I got a good deal I feel.

Kelly blue book is $2895 without mods. BTW nice bike.

And I doubt you were ever get that for it.

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