2002 WR426F....Opinions.

I found one pretty close to me, Looks to be in pretty good condition, it was ridden very little, he wants to get rid of it.

I can probably pick it up for 2k or so. Looks good from the pictures, all stock.

What do you guys think of this bike? Pros, Cons?

How does it ride/handle?

I dont think the 02's were electric start :)

Is that a big enough issue to scare someone away? Everyone thinks the big bikes are going to be more bike than I can handle and that the 250 is what I really need. But The 250s are the same price or higher than the big bikes, I'd rather go with the big bike and blow by em all :ride:

Thanks for any help :bonk: Opinions Welcome.

If its a Kick start only just learn the procedure for starting it. (You will thank me later. Just bought my 98YZ400F and I am having a ball with it.

:) If you weight 130lbs and are 5'6" then it may not be the best choice:eek: :ride::bonk:

The 02 wr426 is bulletproof! Not recomended for the track but if you ride trails, hair scrambles etc it's a great bike. It is kick start but if you do the 03 YZ ex cam mod it kicks over like a 2 stroke.

The 02 wr426 is bulletproof! Not recomended for the track but if you ride trails, hair scrambles etc it's a great bike. It is kick start but if you do the 03 YZ ex cam mod it kicks over like a 2 stroke.

Ok maybe a BIG two stroke:banana: :):ride:

I purchased a 2002 WR426 last month and have ridden it several times and love it. You can get them much cheaper than the 450's. I know, the WR450 is a better bike, however, how much power do you need, will you notice the difference in better suspension, etc. My bike ALWAYS starts on the first or second kick, hot or cold. There is much written about how hard they are to start. ?. I came off a 2000 XR600r, and the WR426 outperforms it in every way, shape, and form. Except maybe in the desert which we don't have in Colorado. My 426 was $2,900. Try finding a 450 for anywhere near that. You get what you pay for, but IMO, the 426 is plenty of bike for most people

The last owner of my bike tried to outrun the cops.. wich resulted in some engine trouble.. but if you treat that bike right youll have a bike for many years to come..

The 03 exhaustcam is a good start.. but its no problen to kickstart it.. Mine starts at the first kick!

I know people that uses the bike everyday and have a lot of hours on them and they had no problems, just oil and airfilter cleaning!

My friend have changed the jets, changed airfilter and exhaust. After some hours on the dyno it made 52.5 BHp! Thats enough for most of us!

That MUST be at the crank .....they dont make over 46bhp at the back wheel

I ride an '01 WR 426, which is the same bike as the '02.

The motor is bulletproof, and unless you are a really good and experienced rider there will be plenty of power. Some people say the bikes are top heavy and hard to turn due to the rotating mass of the cams and such high up in the frame. In the really tight nasty stuff this is probably true, but I have nothing to compare to since the WR was my first dirtbike, and my wife rides a TTR-125L. Her bike OBVIOUSLY turns better than the WR as its tiny. You can enhance the turning a little by raising the fork tubes up a few millimeters. This basically shortens the wheelbase and decreases the rake, making it turn better at the expense of high speed stability however. I usually run my forks 5-7mm up in the clamps and don't get any headshake until about 70mph, which I could care less about. Anyway, the WR will be more than capable for just about anything you throw at it.

The kick-starting drill is simple, and with the proper jetting you can get the bike to start very easily. Last summer I only was able to ride once, and the bike sat from May of 2006 to April 2007. When I went out this spring I drained the gas completely and refilled with fresh. Pulled in the decomp lever and kicked it through quickly about 10-15 times to clear things out. Gave 1 twist of the throttle, pulled the choke and the bike started 2nd kick...after sitting for 11 months. So, the bikes aren't a problem to start if set up right.

Ok maybe a BIG two stroke:banana: :):ride:

:bonk: 501????

Jet it properly for your area and riding style, maintain it well, learn the start drill and you will have one of the best bikes, that in my opinion, I have ever owned. :) WR Dave

Hmm. What was the bikes base weight?? I saw somewhere it was around 240 dry?? Thats lighter than the 450s, but the handling wont be as well.

Anyways, Its between this Bike and a 2004 or so Yz250f, unless I find something different I like. I really just dont need to spend 6-7k+ on a new bike right now. Everyone I know keeps saying its to much bike for me, I wont have fun on it etc.. But the 250 I'm afraid wont be enough bike for my liking.

*shrug* I just need to ride a couple of bikes to get my feel.

It's not lighter than the 450's , they just used to lie about it more a few years ago. The new WR 450 is only a pound or 2 lighter than the '02-426 but it carries it a bit lower so it feels better. If you are in the 175 lb range with reasonable skills it will be a good bike for you. If your going too fast then just turn your right handup a little and it will slow down. WR Dave

I weigh around 160ish. I'm pretty experianced when it comes to riding. I rode a TTr225 when I weighed about 110.. It was a pig of a bike, I bet it weighed 250 lol, I got used to it quick and enjoyed it.

I dont ride really tight trails, mostly open pits with trails that are not what I considered tight, I never had problems getting my TTr turned around or in tight spaces where I was uncomfortable.

I just bought that exact bike, 02 WR426, last weekend. I disliked the idea of the kick start. I had a xl600 and stating was a problem, so i did not want to go back to a kick. But for the price i decided to give it a go. works GREAT, she always starts 1 (maybe 2) kicks hot or cold. just get use to the starting procedure. (there was a great link to a video here somewhere). She is light, fast and FUN. If you want a trail bike with power to spare, she will fit the bill.

Everyone I know keeps saying its to much bike for me, I wont have fun on it etc.. But the 250 I'm afraid wont be enough bike for my liking.

*shrug* I just need to ride a couple of bikes to get my feel.

It IS a lot of bike, but if you have been riding and know what you are doing you can tame it, and the power will eventually be a blessing and not a curse. Heck, I learned to ride dirtbikes on my 01 wr426. The learning curve was very steep, and it took a ton of throttle control and muscle at first but I got used to it. Now I can throw the thing around, and pretty much make it do whatever I want it to. I'm only 5'9" on a tall hair day, and weigh about 175ish pounds and pretty strong for my size.

Just remember to respect the power and practice throttle control or things will get out of hand VERY quickly. I'd say go for it.

I may just go ahead and go get it. 2000$ and it looks to be in great condition for 2002. I just need to think on it a little more.

I'm pretty experianced when it comes to riding, so I dont think the motor will be a problem to me, I'm a little rusty and havent rode for real in about 2 years or so. It'll take a little warming up and I think I'll be good to go. I never got "Wore out" while riding my old TTr, The only complaint I had out of my old Yz250 is that it was kick start lol, It was very easy to start once it got warmed up, and a blast to ride as well. Its just I don't want a 2stroke anymore or else I'd definatly buy another YZ. I just hated the hassle of having to Premix, and the shotty gas mileage/pathetic Gas tank. I liked the simpleness of filling up at the local gas station and riding straight from there and being able to ride most of the day without worrying about gas.

So what are the basic "must do's" for this bike??

Any other opinions?

I'll keep everyone updated.

That MUST be at the crank .....they dont make over 46bhp at the back wheel


But which has been said befor... these numbers may lie.. even thoug i cant understand how two dynos wich are properly calibrated can give different bhp.. 1 Bhp of is an error for 2% for a 50 bhp reading.. thats a pretty big error..

I ride an '04 WR450 with only 'free mods' although it has been VERY carefully jetted for the atmosphere and altitude where I live/ride. Before that, I owned a KX500 and several Husabergs.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to ride a beautiful, well maintained '01 YZ426 that was loaded with aftermarket goodies including a Big Gun full exhaust, etc. This thing was immaculate. I checked this thing over as best I could and didn't find a thing wrong with it mechanically. It started after a few kicks even though it had been sitting for several months...or so the owner told me.

However, having never ridden one of the earlier YZ/WRs, I wasn't sure what to expect power-wise. I expected a more pronounced 'hit' in the mid-upper RPM range as this was a YZ-F and I am used to riding my WR-F. Well, all I can say is that I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the performance of this YZ426. It ran clean, no missing or spitting, no flat spots in the RPM range, nothing BAD at all. But it felt like it was developing 10hp less than my 450. I mean, my 450 would have passed this thing by the time I hit 3rd gear and there would be no looking back. I can pull the front wheel up on my bike in 5th; I had to downshift to 3rd on this 426...and that was at nearly 3/4 throttle!

Now I realize my bike is 3 years newer, has slightly larger engine, different gear ratios, newer electronics, etc. etc. But I have to tell you that if this performance was representative of all 426 models, I wouldn't pay $1000 for one that has been sitting brand new in a crate for the past 4-5 years.

So, in my opinion it would be wiser to spend the money on a newer 450 and skip the 426. But as I have said, I haven't ridden another 426 to judge performance, only this one, and I was left disappointed. Do you need the extra power? Depends where you ride. I ride in the desert so yes, it makes a difference. If you putt around, you probably won't miss it too much.

Anyone else have/had or ridden both a 426 and 450 that can give an accurate comparison? Did I just ride a slow 426?

I have a 02 wr426, bought it new and done all the free mods and some that where not free $$$, and compared with A buddy’s 05 wr450 it is just as fast if not faster. What I like better about the 450 is the YZ Seat and electric start. But for the record I think that the wr426 is an excellent bike, especially in the desert.:)

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