2002 WR426F....Opinions.

I wouldn't pay $1000 for one that has been sitting brand new in a crate for the past 4-5 years.

I'll take 10 at that price!! My 426 kicks like a mule in the mid-range!!

I've got a WR426 and agree with byggd, lots of midrange, runs strong. My buddy just got an 03 crf 450 with a hotcam stage 2 in it and it may have a hair more power than my wr but it's really close between them. I doubt you feel that the bike was slow. I love mine for trail riding. It's like a tractor, I haven't ridden off road in nearly 15 years and it's definitely not too much bike, I am about 6' 185 and fairly strong and have no trouble with`it.

ive ridden crf450r's wr450's and im planning on buying a wr426 ive ridden it hi comp piston yz cam (from 02) full drd and heck it seems fast it might be a little slower than a 450r but i cant afford one anyways

hadn't ridden in 20 years, picked up a wr400 - at first, I though OMG! What did I do - 2 days of hard practicing later and totally retracted that comment.

Nothing but ear to ear grins!

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