I wierd problem with clutch not engaging

So i just got new asv levers and was putting the clutch on. While adjusting it I put my bike into first on the stand and with the clutch in the wheel will not move at all. Then I went to my dads 426 and it had the same problem but it would barely move. We rode the bikes about 2 weeks ago and they were fine....since then they have just been sitting in the garage. What could this be? I am stumped. The wheel turns fine in neutral for both bikes...but when in gear with the clutch in the wheel wont move. I am just forgetting about something or what?

What you are talking about is that you see the clutch not DISengaging, or releasing. Engaged is holding, disengaged is released. The term refers to the clutch itself, not the lever or pedal.

What you see is also fairly normal. The clutch will rarely release completely enough to allow you to easily turn the wheel, if at all. Judge how well it works by what it does in operation, that is, can you find neutral without real difficulty, will th ebike hold still if you blip the throttle, that kind of thing.

so its ok to start it? This has all been with it not on. I swear it used to move freely with the clutch lever in and in gear while rolling it around the garage for maintenence. should i just go and try to ride it?

If your free travel at the lever is set correctly, run it.

If your free travel at the lever is set correctly, run it.

Gray!! I know exactly what he is talking about because I had the same problem on my 06 450f. When I bought the asv clutch lever, which included the perch, I went and put the perch and lever on the bike and noticed that when I would pull the clutch in I didn't have any pull. Even with the clutch cable adjusted and the top nut at the lever adjusted all the way out was the only time I had any pull. I knew this wasn't right because all of my clutch adjustment was used up at the lever.............>you know! the nut you use to put free play in the lever was all used up..........So what I did was take 3 washers(I am adding pics as soon as they download of what I did) and cut one side of them with a hacksaw to where they were straight and put them down there at the end where the clutch cable is held at the bottom by that bolt that the cable goes through with the nut at the end of it.....So what I did was take those 3 washers and put them at the front of the bolt and threaded the nut about 3 threads and this gave me more clutch adjustment at the lever. Problem solved. Works great.

If you are having trouble understanding this, when I get the pics up you will see how it works.

well the lever was adjusted fine. i figured it wasnt the lever since my dads bike was doing it to. I started it on the stand and with the clutch in the wheel would still spin. this made me a little worried but i rode it and it ran fine. After riding it was easier to move but not like before. This was the case for both bikes. Guess I better just get used to it being the case when they are cold. thanks for the help

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