Changed gearing on the XRR.

I just changed out the stock 48t rear sprocket for a 45t :bonk: . Holy crap she rips now. Now she pulls an easy 85kmh in 3rd and can cruise at a smooth 110 kmh in 5th. What a change from stock. She'll still wheelie with a crack of the throttle too, which is nice :ride: I left the stock 14t c/s as I have a case saver. I couldn't imagine this bike with 15/45. I'd recommend this change to anyone with a D/S'd XRR :)

A temporary life change has me riding the XRR MOSTLY on road and I just changed the gearing..... I have a 15X45 set up and love it!

I was scared I would loose my wheelie ability...but the ol' girl has no problem at all lifting the front by simply rolling on the throttle @45mph:thumbsup:

The first day I put the gearing on I was sitting @ a light and two crotch rockets pulled up behind me...they pulled around and opened it up...I jumped on one dudes rear wheel and was so surprised to find another gear once I hit about 90mph!!! With the stock gearing I would desperately be searching for another gear @ ~83mph...but there was no 6th gear there...

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