Where do I get Mikuni TM40 jets?

I'm looking for jets for my XR600 with a Mikuni TM-40 pumper carb. I can get the mains and pilots at my local shop, but they don't have (and can't get) the air jet, needle jet or a needle. Does anybody know where I can get these jets? I live in Kansas. Thanks,


Do you have a Harley shop near by? That is where I got mine. They had them all. TM40 was used most as a Harley carburetor.

Yeah, I've gone to a couple local Harley shops but they can only get me the mains and pilots. I might try calling one in Wichita or KC I guess. Thanks,


I got 40 hp at the wheels out of my XR600 powered trike on the dyno last weekend. It was coughing and running like crap though so I think there's more power still in it. I plan to change some jets, go back to running the stock airbox, and I'm going to eliminate the spark plug resistor.

Thank you very much, I think they have what I want. I called Sudco, but I have to order four of everything to buy from them. Thanks again,


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