Gas Leak XR600R

i have no idea what the year is on this thing, but today after riding it up and down the street to get it outta the garage, i came into the driveway and turned the bike off. i go and get some water, and i come back and i hear dripping, and theres a puddle of gas coming out of the overflow tube, or whatever it is, the one where when you crash it leaks a bit.

so, i turned the flow off, and moved the bike.

just out ot curiosity, i turn the engine over once, and turn it back on. and same thing.

sooo, i start it up, and idle it for a bit, then stop it, and only a bit came out...

any thoughts of whats wrong?

The float is gummed up most likely.

Sounds like it is a float issue. If the bike has been sitting it is probably varnished up and causing the float to stick. Probably a good idea to clean the carb out.

+1 on the sticky float:thumbsup:

+2 on the sticky float

is there an online toutorial how to claen it out somewhere?

Try the search feature on TT. I'm sure there is one there. If not it is really a straightforward procedure of disassembling the carb, giving it a good soak and reassemble and adjust. Not too tough.

Good Luck :)

the float...yeah deffinnely the float

as far as a online video...

if you have at least 2 functioning brain cells and a set of tools you can remove the float bowl and hose down the float with carb cleaner all in about 2-5 minutes.

Heck, most people can remove the whole carb, pull it apart, clean it/ assemble it and put it back on the bike in about 30-45 minutes with no prior experience or manual. :)

The first pic is of the bowl which really won't affect the gas flow. The second pic didn't seem to show the float assembly(maybe just me). I would really recommend taking the carb out. Slowly taking it apart (take pics if you need to for reassembly) and make sure the the entire thing is cleaned out. It only takes a very little bit of varnish to really screw things up. If you don't feel comfortable taking it apart, just take the whole carb to a motorcycle shop and ask them to go through it. I doubt it would cost too much and then you would know its done right (hopefully)

Good luck!

Looks OK to me, by the 2 pictures you've shown. At least it's clean on the inside! Be careful not to let any of that dirt and dust on the outside of the carb body into the bowl or inside the carb. That'll only make things worse. And watch out for the float pivot pin-pic#2 shows it's almost fallen out. But just take out the jets and give her a good squirting with carb cleaner and blow it dry or just let it evaporate. Check the float level, it can be done with a metric ruler and some needlenose pliers. If that does not fix it, the needle valve could be messed up - that's the piece the float pushes against to stop the flow of gas when the bowl gets full. Oh, and while the bowl is off, replace the phillips head bolts with allen bolts before they strip out and you can't get the bowl off anymore. Just my $0.02. Anyone with basic tools and opposing thumbs can do this stuff. Good luck.

thanks, but i guess it must have been a fluke. works now! :)

I agree with firelyle, and don't forget to have the float level done, or it will keep leaking.:)

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