White plastic for 400F?

I'm getting to the point in my bikes rebuild that I'm wondering about plastics. I like the hurricane kit, but It's not gunna look so great with my blue oversize tank. I am a big fan of the White 450's though, but I can't find any white plastics for my '98 400. Does anyone make them, or is there a way to modify newer White 450 plastics to fit my bike?

My company is a Tucker Rocky Distributor, which unfortunately isn't too helpful with my dinosaur of a bike, and I'm a dealer with a few other distributors, but I can't find anything within my catalogs. I should probably try to call around, but I figured I'd see what you guys had to say first. Thanks for any ideas.

Never Mind... Decided to be a little less lazy and I found what I was looking for.

post a pix when done.... i have a 400 i think would look good in white.

Post the link here. I was interested in this and cant find any sites that sell it.

It's not gunna be done anytime soon, but I'll post the pics on the build-up thread I started a while back. A TT member here pointed out that UFO has them.

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