YZ Stator conversion (DOT Lighting)

What is the best route?

E-line? (I don't like the price or the funky stepped out cover)

WR assembly (Looks stock, Should fit well, But will it run a Baja Designs DOT Kit)?

Electrex? Not sure but I beleive I saw them advertise a NEW Stator for Lighting $200

Any other suggestions or things to avoid?

**** I'm also looking into stepping the exh cam on my YZ to WR specs.

Looking to tame / rework the YZF into a Dual Sport / Woods bike.

I'd rather sell, and step into a DOT KTM / XR 400 but seems the market is paying more for XR400s the YZ400F's.

I've got a complete BAJA designs kit here ready to go with MT-21 DOT Knobbies. Might as well make the best of what I've got. Just gotta sort out the stator.

Let me know what you need. I have a bunch of electrical system parts from my WR250F that i pulled off during the conversion to Supermoto

Thanks, I'm not sure of any WR250F parts I can use, but I I find some I'll send you a PM.

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