Forms for registring your WR

Hey guys,

I'm about to send my Vermont forms off, but would like clarification on exactly what papers (MSO, receipts, etc...) I should supply with the DMV form. Also, I bought it new, so I paid sales tax (Florida).

Certificate of origin, bill of sale ( shows tax paid ) Vin verification, a check, the VT reg. form , the Florida title and registration card if you registered it in FL.

I did mine through VT and transferred it to NY. I got my NY "Motorcycle" title a few weeks ago, so my bike is offically a legal motorcycle in NY. It is a beautiful thing. Good luck and be patient.

So Josh, you're gonna break down and put a tag on your bike. I'd have never believed it unless I read it with my own eyes.

It's really not a bad idea. A group of us were riding in Ocala recently were stopped by forest rangers. 3 guys got ticketed for riding on the numbered roads without tags to the tune of $75 each. They were told that they were lucky because he could have nailed them for $250. Yesterday we were stopped but everyone had tags. The ranger told us to "Have a nice day." Big difference.

And now you can start accessorizing from the Gold Wing catalog. :)

Actually, the only reason I'm tagging it is to wreak havoc during Bike Week :)

Last year I tooled around with my YZ400, and the year before that it was with my KX250 (I have a spare EX-250 title/tag floating around). Two New Jersey guys were so amused by it, they gave me two comp tickets to the Daytona 200!

Thanks guys!

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