Oil smells like gas

I put the YZ needle in my 05 a while back and I checked the oil a couple of days ago and it was a little over full and smelled like gas. I know something isn't seated right somewhere but I've never had this happen to me. I don't turn the gas off when I shut it off and it couldn't have been very much gas to get into the oil or it would be coming out the hole when I pull the bip-stick out. I'm guessing this was a one-time deal because all the one's I've seen where the carb was letting gas in flooded the bottom end. Its running perfect. Anyone had this happen?

I got the same bad habbit of not shutting my gas off. I better go to the garage and do it now!

I did after I got a whif of the oil.

This is normal for any modern day thumper.

Fuel contamination of the oil is caused by unburnt fuel passing the piston rings on the compression stroke just before ignition. The effects are increased on new age thumpers because often manufacturers will use one less ring than conventional 4T's & these things rev so much higher.

This is why you shoud change your oil more frequently. The fuel breaks down the oil.

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