What if I fill my frame with water? (where oil should go)

This question isn't meant to sound this stupid...

Do I dare rinse the inside of my frame with some really hot water?

It's a long story but my frame is full of magnesium shavings from my clutch cover because my clutch let go.

I've dismantled everything and cleaned it up. I've put a couple cans of WD-40 through my frame but if I stick my finger up there, it still comes out covered in shavings.

I need something with more volume and pressure to wash through there. I thought about sticking the hose in the top and see what happens.....maybe I can rinse it through.

I'd appreciate any opinion anyone has.

Thanks in Advance.

i would flush with something else other that H2O like fuel solvent something that will evaporate so u dont have to worry about that. maybe some brake cleaner or some can with the little straw to direct spray.

I'm sure that you could use water if you feel that it needs that much blasting out. When you are done you will need to get it dry as soon as possible. A few rinses with alcohol or better acetone would get most of the water out. Then some compressed air to get it fully dry. Finally spray some WD40 in there.

If possible use paint thinner. Just empty it into a oil drain pan or some other container. You can let the metal settle out and then reuse the paint thinner for more rinses. Don't use gas it is too dangerous. Paint thinner is bad enough. Do it outside an a long way from any kind of flame.

If it will work the carb or brake cleaner spray cans are good too.

Unless you want to ride minutes after flushing, go ahead and flush with water (from the top of the frame to where the screen mounts... yes?). Then leave the bike with the sun hitting the "down tube" for a day or two. If you have compressed air use it to drive some volume of water out the bottom hole.

This assumes your return line, top end hose and hose to engine are detached from the frame.

Put the plug in the bottom. Fill it with kerosene (I would use gasoline, but it is too dangerous to tell someone else to do that). Use a brass cleaning rod for a 12 Gauge shotgun with a plastic barrel brush attached. Stick it in the fill port on top of the frame. Work it up and down like its date night! Remove drain plug, and drain in an environmentally responsible container. Replace plug and repeat process, only drain over white rag to observe deposits. Use a can of carb and choke cleaner to clean out all oil lines.:)

If you use water, make sure you disconnect the lines to and from the engine so you don't get any in there. Probably don't want to let it air dry, either. The water in the bare steel frame will form flash rust and open up all sorts of new problems. Best bet is to go with one of the petroleum-based methods, or ask a Honda dealer what they would do. You could just flush it as best as you can, then change the oil and filter after running it a couple of times.

$3 for a gallon of Kerosene or diesel.

I wouldn't use any water in there. You most likely don't get it all out and then its a mess.

I agree with BW, use some diesel or kerosene, would be the best in my opinion too.

Hi, I did the same on my 96 xr600.. I was advised not to use diesel or kero as it leaves residue in the frame. I was told to use petrol as it evaporates after flushing. I then used compressed air to blow it out.. I did this several times then gave the bike a quick oil and filter change after 20 or so miles and all was fine...


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