'07 WR Stator in '06-'07 YZ?????

Anyone know if the Stator from an '07 WR450 will work in a '06/'07 YZ450? Steahly Offroad has one for the '06/'07 YZ'z for $164 but you can buy a WR stator from Zanotti's for $68. The guy at Steahly said the manufacturer hasn't given a power output for it yet but they say it put's out about 50 watts. My plan is to buy the headlight and tail light assembly from the WR and use those. Will 50 watt's run them?

Thanks in advance!

:) -Lowedog

the stators are totally different. They bolt on differently to the outer case cover. What MAY be possible is to get the WR stator and the WR side cover both and see if that will work. What is unknown is if the WR stator will fit around the YZ flywheel. Might need to get a WR flywheel as well, but then we don't know if the WR flywheel will fit the YZ crank! What is pretty certain is that the WR side case cover will fit the YZ, because they both use the same Yamaha gasket. You would likely want to trim off the part of the WR case cover that holds the starter. Probably need the WR shift laver too, as the case is wider. Whole lot of questions. I will probably buy a WR stator and side case in the future just to see if it works, cause I'd like the increased reliability of an oem stator.

I'm guessing the stator from stealthy is the one made by Electrosport - the only one I've been able to find for the new YZ. There is a company in Michigan I think, can't remember their name right now, that does a mod to the stock stator also, but end result is the same either way - about 50 watts output.

50 watts is enough to run a 35 watt headlight and an LED tail/brakelight like the one from baja designs which only uses about 1 watt. A normal incandescent bult tail/brake light draws about 20 to 25 watts and will overtax your stator. If you want to or need to have blinkers you will need to run either LED blinkers for their low wattage draw, or run them from a seperate battery. Horn will need to be self powered by a battery. Leave the stator output AC - both the headlight and LED tail light will run fine on AC. If you rectify it to DC, you'll lose wattage.

In short, you really have to plan your system carefully when you only have 50 watts to play with.

For your question on if the 50 watts will run the stock WR headlight and brake/tail light, you need to find out the total wattage draw for them. If it's more than about 40 or so, you'll have a problem. Remember, the 50 watt output is only with the engine running at speed, NOT just idling.

I can clear some of this up. To fit the '07 WR stator to an '06-7 YZ450, you need the stator, left crankcase cover (ignition cover), flywheel, and at least the left side of a WR crank. This is an improvement over previous YZ450's in the sense that it was impossible to swap stators without changing the crankcases.

Doing this would also leave you with the problem of having to decide how to close off the hole in back of the crankcase cover where the WR starter goes, and what to do about the part of the cover where the end of the starter sits.

Thanks guys!:) I guess I'll go with the Steahly stator. The '07 WR has an LED tail light so that should be no problem. I'm not too concerned with being totally DOT legal. Just the appearance of it is fine with me. I already have a plate for my YZ and just ride on the roads enough to connect single track.

Any idea how I can find out how much draw the WR headlight will have?

Thanks again -Lowedog

So Gray - since we talked about this last you have confirmed that the WR stator is not compatable with the YZ flywheel, and also that the WR flywheel is not compatable with the left side YZ crank?

I remember when we spoke in a previous post we were questioning these things but had not absolutely confirmed them yet. Do you know someone who definitely tried to fit the items?



No, but I know what the differences are. The WR stator and flywheel is a larger diameter, and the flywheel is set farther outboard of the main bearings in order to accommodate the starter drive behind it. This last is done with a longer crank axle. The rest of the crank assembly is made up of YZ450 parts; only the left axle is different.

At least it seems more practical now than on the previous YZ450.

well, thanks, you just saved me a couple hundred bucks buying a stator and cover to give it a try. I knew the stator stuck out further, but that the cover was wider to accomodate. Was hoping to get lucky and get it to work. Don't want to split the cases on my brand new motor at this point. I'll just stick with my Electrosport 50 watt stator.

thanks again, Gray

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