XL 600 oil comsumption

I have a 86 xl600 with 27000 kilometres on it. It's starting to use considerable oil. Is this typical at this mileage and how much money and work is it to replace piston, rings and valves on this. At this age is it better to just drive it until it quits and junk it or do a major repair job?

spend the money if you got it its not gonna get any better. to buy the parts and do yourself will prolly be a few hundred bucks US that is .

Where is the oil going? Is is being burned or is it getting blown out the crankcase breather?

My XR600 got really bad oil consumption wise and was blowing a lot out the breather. When I took it apart the piston and bore were in good shape. The rings were completely shot. All that I did was a light hone and some new rings. If you can do the wrenching it is not that expensive.

However, I did find other problems that were a lot more expensive than the rings. In fact, I was planning on a new piston and bore. I had to spend those dollars on other engine parts.

The oil is being burned, not going out the breather so I'm guessing the rings need replacing.

Don't rule out the valve guide seals! They will allow oil into the combustion chamber by getting past the intake valve guides. I would start with a complete valve job on the head. Check the clearances on the valve guides, the valve stems, the valve faces, and the seats. Replace/repair any worn or damaged items and put new valve guide seals in.

I would do a compression check FIRST. If the compression ratio falls within the specifications (check your service manual) then your rings, piston, and bore are probably okay.

I'm in almost exactly the same boat. '86 XL600R with 26,000 miles, burning oil (smoke from exhaust). I did a leak-down test and it pointed to intake valve seat problems. I've pulled the engine and it also needs new piston rings at the least (ring end gap way out of spec) and the camshaft has one lobe that is pitted, and the chrome is flaking off the mating follower. The stuff just keeps adding up! Still, I like the bike enough that I'm proceeding with repairs.

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