Help me with a problem with my bike......

Hey guys, I have a potential problem with my bike, let me start at the beginning, when the bike was new I blew the 10 amp fuse under the seat, the electrics didn't work but the bike started up with the kickstart and all was good. Now however I done the stator mod and am using Baja Designs voltage regulator which routs all of the stators dual setup to my battery. Now for the problem, I blew that fuse again yesterday (a shorted brake switch wire on muffler) and had to walk my bike home as it will not start now as it can't get power from the battery with a blowing fuse (yes i put a 30 amp one in and it still blew).

Sorry so long but what I want to do is wire up a secondary backup wire from my battery, through it's own inline fuse, to the cdi so if i blow the main fuse for the electrics i can just pop in a fuse in my new circuit and kickstart the bike and ride home (without accessories). Get me so far? Is this even possible? I don't want to be stranded when this hapens again and thought this should be an easy fix. What exactly needs power to start our bikes? is it power to the cdi, or pickup coil?

I think on my stock '04, i can disconnect the battery and still kick start and ride. Our CDI's get regulated 12v from the stator, and inside the black box cdi, it's stepped up and charges the capacitor to about 220v.

Youre not getting me, I modified my stator so this does not happen anymore, so Now I need to take battery voltage and run it to the cdi for a backup, it use to get power from part of the dual stator, now all my stator power goes through my battery as part of the Baja Designs Kit and their modified Voltage Regulator.

I think i get it now. You have the full DC conversion.

Our CDI boxes are the same, and require 12v from the stator to run.

Have you been working on this anymore today? Do you have a volt meter to start tracing the wires?

if you have a short to ground running a second wire to the same load will result in the power flowing back down the shorted wire and blowind the new fuse

I'm not familiar with the dual sport kits but I would suggest that if you are blowing fuses that you "never" put in a bigger one to replace it. This will only burn up something else in your system that may not have been a problem before. If it is blowing fuses that quickly then you have a short to ground somewhere in the system. Have you added more lighting or something that is taking more power than can be generated by the electrical system. Most systems will try to keep producing power until they burn themselves out, running an alternator at it's maximum will severly shorten it's life. :) WR Dave.

I tried a bigger fuse just to see if i could get home (only about 2 miles) and if i blew a fuse for the stock electrical system I wanted a backup wire going to the cdi through a relay, when the short happened again (if ever) I could have the cdi on it's own fuse and leave it that way all the time, then if the fuse blew for the other electrics it would be isolated form everything else and would not blow, or i could use a relay to isolate it after a failure, lots of options here guys, just wondering what wire i need to feed at the cdi to get this to work.

this is why the original setup has 2 outputs instead of everything running off the battery and getting you strandard when u have a short - although as you said running a common wire thats fused to your cdi will fix your problem.

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