GA RIDERS: Barnesville Poker Run, SAT 16 FEB

I want to go, but need to see if Copperhead is open or not.....need to get back into race shape....Also, if it is dry this week, I may leave on the crappy 739 rear....

Mark, are you interested???? :)

Hell yeah I'm interested! Can I go? Heck no! I have to play Mr. Mom Sunday.

Bill, you're a troublemaker!

Dave, 3 laps at race speed at Barnesville will do more for getting you in shape than anything else.

Excuse Me? Somewhere in the title of this post was SAT 16 FEB....What does you playing "Not the Mommy" on Sunday have to do with it?

My better half is going out of town on Saturday...I taking advantage while I can.

By the way my Lawyer say's that as of next payday you can work on my bike again.....

See Ya...

Bonzai :)

Mark this is on Sat. not sunday! :)


I have 3 bikes to rejet Saturday. I'll probably be at Talking Rock Saturday.

Bill, I've had guys ask their wife before.... but not their lawyer. That's a new one!

Mark, I may join you there also...I want to get some track time in....

I See that Copperhead has now decided to open on Sunday...

I would really like to ride there, but 48 degrees vs 60 degrees. Plus rain up there on SAT...I gotta think about that.


I'm tentatively planning on being there about noon, maybe a little after. Weather permitting of course. I don't want to get the CR 250 too muddy.

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