87 XR600 Fires up and dies until kicked alot!

I have an 87 XR600 that I have had for a short while and I am having troubles getting it started. It will fire right up but only run for a second then die. I have replaced the coil due to a previous problem and also replaced the silencer with an aftermarket aluminum one that came with the bike. I have cleaned the carbs several times also. After about 50 kicks it will finally keep running and then it runs excellent. Once its been started once it will start easily after that. My thought is that my jets are too lean in the carb and may need replacing, any suggestions? If I jump it starts right up also. The bike could probably also use the valves adjusted. Thanks for the help

I'd check the valves. I had a Kawi that would do the same thing. Ajusted the valves and it would start first kick. My two cents.

Stator. Simple fix. Have it rewound. Bike will then run like a champ.

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