oil change

So im doing my 8 hr oil change and this is the first ive done on this bike, I found the oil drain plug but i cant find where you fill it back up at.:) so if someone could help that would be nice thanks:ride:

If your on a 426, you can fill it up through the dip stick hole on top of your frame, behind your headset (triple clamp assy.)

IS that really the ONLY way on the 426?

What are you asking? The older (Pre '03) method is actually better than the newer one, because the oil is actually added to the reservoir where it is stored while running. It certainly simplifies adjusting the oil level after the initial run up.

Its not bad pouring the oil into the dipstick hole, unless I happen to have my 3.9 gallon tank on. Then it takes a foot long funnel and a little luck. :)

He may be thinking in terms of the dipstick hole on a 450, which is only 10mm. The dip stick hole in a 426 is designed as the filler port, and the threads are more like 19mm.

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