Power Delivery Issue 650R

It certainly doesn't seem to be an issues with the throttle cable or tube, as it snaps back perfectly when the bike isn't running.

Here's the issue. I adjusted my valves a few weeks back, and ever since, I get a hanging idle, for which I now have to physically turn the throttle all the way back down or blip it to have the rpms drop. At time, it almost work like cruze control.

Additionally, and this is the most irritating thing, is when I dump the throtte (say coming into a corner) and am engine braking, there is not a smooth re-delivery of the throttle. It sticks, requires quite a grip to get back on the gas, and when it "releases", it's a harsh slam back into acceleration, kinds similar to just dumping a gear with no clutch.

I remember riding my buddies XR650 down in Equador, and remembered that the throttle feel of getting back on the gas was kind of "sticky", but not this bad. Anyone got any insight? I would just replace the cable, but like stated at the beginning, the throttle snaps back to normal when not running, and right back down in rpms when I rev it in neutral, or with the clutch pulled in. It only does this crap when actually moving :ride::bonk: .

Thanks in advance for any ideas...............:)

cable is probably stuck under left tank mount instead of above it.

cable is probably stuck under left tank mount instead of above it.

No, it's routed correctly, first thing I checked. Like I said, the throttle will snap right back when in neutral, clutch in, or if the bike isn't running.


I had that happen to mine. No cable problems:crazy: It turned out to be a vac issue with the carb. You might look into it.:)

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