Any corking on WR's

Are the WR450 corked with any engine or exhaust inhibitors or are they basically just like the MX version?

Lots of corking. The exhaust has a "peashooter" insert that can easily be removed, the airbox has a snorkle to be removed and prescribed areas on the air box to be cut out, and IMO most importantly, the throttle stop is longer than the YZF. You can either cut it off or replace it with a YZF stop available at your local deal or in the GYTR AIS removal kit. There is also a Gray wire than can be disconnected that will improve performance.

Do a search on "free mods", plenty of info provided.


a word of warning on the throttle screw in the carb' do as previously recomended cut it down or replace with the yz, some people just remove it but you run the risk of the throttle sticking wide open.

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