my YZ426 has me stumped

So one day I took out my bike and was riding when it started stuttering and dying on me... I tried starting it but it wouldnt start, waited a few minutes and it started up. I got almost all the way home and it did it again. So I ordered a new needle jet for the carb, put that in, adjusted the float, and when i started it up it ran fine until I topped it out and then it died on me. Im not a genius about these things so i took it to the shop... they said they thought it was a tank vent problem so they removed a piece of vent hose and adjusted the mixture screw and gave it back to me for 70 bucks. I got home all stoked and hopped on... rode it around the house and it worked great... then i did the real test, I took it down the road and topped it out. 300 yards after I topped it out it started dying on me and stalled out. I dont know whats wrong with it, im hoping someone out there has an idea so i can pass that on to the shop when i bring it back tomorrow... or just skip the shop and get my 70 bucks back! Any suggestions would be great!

See if you can make it run right again by loosening the gas cap for a couple seconds. If so, the cap is bad.

Okay, well i tried loosening the cap... took it up the street about a quarter mile full blast, everything still felt pretty normal and it didnt shut off, then i turned around and came down the stretch again just the same, full blast... this time about half way back down the street it started hesitating and then started to die and as i gave it gas it would try to go but then the sputtering and backfire got worse and the second i let off the gas it died. I waited about 20 seconds, gave it a kick and rode it back to the garage with no problem. I was hoping that was it, but nothing is ever that easy for me! Thanks for the idea though.

OK, now check the next two things: Check the fuel flow out of the open fuel line to see if it looks too slow (dirty filter screen in the tank), and then, check the screen under the float needle seat in the carb.

If the fuel doesn't flow out of the line very fast, then you may want to check the rubber gasket in the petcock. Sometimes they fall apart and restrict the fuel flow to the carb.

Well i took it back into the shop, they should be able to figure it out... hopefully before christmas.

Well i took it back into the shop, they should be able to figure it out... hopefully before christmas.

I thought you wanted advice to fix it......the dealer already failed you once. TT always comes through (can't beat the price, either!!)

^^^^^^^^ Thats what I was thinking. Why did he waste our time asking questions if he was going to take it back to the dealer. :):ride:

Lets see. They charged you seventy bucks and didnt fix it. Make them refund that sevnty and do what was suggested here. Odds are your filter screen in the tank is dirty.

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