Yz450f Alloy frame vs Old frame

I had heard that the 03-05 were quite a bit harder to handle than the +06 can someone that has ridden both tell me if there is rlly that big of a diffenence?

Huge difference. Massive.

Night and Day, no, June and January.

Amen GreyRacer :ride:

....I have both as does Grey and there is no comparison. They are so totally different that it is not even close :)

The aluminum framed 450s are much more balanced feeling and handle much better than the old steel framed ones.

I think part of the issue is the "centralization of mass" and lowering the cg. These new Yamaha 450s feel like a mountain bike with smooth rocket engine. Very light feeling. I have read this over and over again, but now that I have one, I really know what they are talking about. It feels 20 pounds lighter and easier to ride than my Honda CRF.

Exactly. Take a dumb bell bar and put 7 pounds on each end. Pick it up by the ends and flip it around, turning it different directions quickly. Now put both weights in the middle of the bar and do the same thing. That's the difference. It still weighs the same, but the way it moves makes it feel lighter.

ok that sold me,i'm in

Thanks that helped alot...what kinda price would be a deal on a 06 Yz 450f?

I just got a New 06 YZ450F for 5400 OTD. ($5099 + tax) The problem is it seams nobody wants to sell their used ones.

^^^^^ Ya because people are not stupid and going to sell the best bike on the market a year after they buy it.

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