2002 WR426 grey wire?

Just got 02 WR426,already cut trottle stop,opened

up air box,as well as removing the baffle. I have

seen people mention cutting grey wire,i know that

it goes to the ignition,can anyone let me know what it does or do the 2002 need to cut them as well.Anyone out there that knows?please give some


RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!... Thats what it does! By UN-pluging your grey wire. It un-does EPA crap that Yamaha did to get the bike in USA.. Use search and you will find about 6hrs worth of reading and info re: grey wire. Need any more help just ask.


Does anyone know if Canadian WR's have the infamous "grey wire"?


If I recall from other post correctly. No Canadian does not have grey wire. But It doesn't hurt to take a peek!


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